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I'll Get to Know You & Your Story

My decisions as your attorney are guided by a moral compass. My belief in truth and justice can help right the wrongs that landed you here.

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I'll Address All Your Questions & Concerns

Simply put, I care about you and I want to understand exactly what happened. In return, I’ll prepare you for exactly what to expect from your case.

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Divide & Conquer: You Heal, I'll Fight

You need an advocate who has the strength and know-how to fight for you. I’ll do just that in a manner that allows you to recover and readjust.

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Aaron Woods

Aaron Woods

Personal Injury Attorney

I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. Led by principles found in Proverbs 31:8, I desire to speak up for people who aren’t able to speak for themselves. I have devoted thirty years (and counting) of my practice to this mission. As a personal injury attorney, I fearlessly speak on behalf of people who are up against some of the country’s most powerful companies, and I’m ready to go to bat for you.

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Your Trusted Personal Injury Attorney Serving Kansas City, MO, Jackson County, Lee’s Summit, and Surrounding Areas

When life takes an unexpected turn, and you face the aftermath of a personal injury, you need an experienced, reliable auto & car accident lawyer by your side. Woods Law is your premier choice for a personal injury attorney, proudly serving Kansas City, MO, Jackson County, Lee’s Summit, and the surrounding areas. My commitment to justice and unwavering dedication to my clients set me apart in the legal landscape.

As a personal injury lawyer, I focus on handling various personal injury cases, including auto and car accidents. I stand ready to provide you with the legal support and representation you deserve during these challenging times.

Meet Aaron – Your Trusted Lawyer

Aaron, the driving force behind Woods Law, is not just an auto & car accident attorney; he’s your ally in seeking justice. With a deep understanding of personal injury law, Aaron is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of their cases and securing the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Conveniently Located

Our office is at 3500 NE Ralph Powell Rd Ste A, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064, making it easily accessible for clients in Kansas City, Jackson County, Lee’s Summit, and the surrounding areas. We invite you to schedule a consultation today schedule a consultation today and take the first step toward getting compensation for your injuries.

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To discuss your case and explore your legal options, call us at +1-816-877-7777. Aaron is ready to listen, understand, and guide you through the legal process. At Woods Law, we are not just your attorney but your advocate for justice.

Aaron Helping Client

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What You Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be devastating as they affect the very essence of whom a person is. From basic functions to core personalities, a brain injury can seriously interrupt life as you know it. I’m familiar with various methods and tests to effectively diagnose a brain injury. If you believe you have a brain injury case, don’t hesitate to call me today.

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Let's Make The World A Better Place

Without accountability, there is no safety. By holding the other side responsible, you are preventing the same injustice from happening to others.

How I work is governed by four principles: shelter, strength, compassion, and wisdom. Storms are going to come. When they do, I can provide the shelter you need to protect yourself from insurance companies and bill collectors. I’m a strong advocate ready to take on the legal battles so you can center in on a smooth recovery. I care about you and want to alleviate as much of your burden as possible. My goal is to do what’s right for you. For that reason, my advice and decisions are rooted in truth and justice.

Using Legal Knowledge to Help The People of Jackson County

Going to an attorney for help can be a very intimidating process. It’s not uncommon for lawyers to come across as cold or treat clients like just another number. You’re already angry and frustrated. Between insurance companies giving you the runaround and not finding any real answers, this entire situation can seem anything but bearable. Attorneys who don’t see you as the person you are only make matters worse. It’s no wonder you’re apprehensive and on guard.

My law firm wants to do away with your fears. At Woods Law KC, I believe in using my knowledge as a tool to help, not as a weapon to intimidate you. I aim to be attentive and easy to contact whenever you have questions. My goal is to explain the law in simple terms so you know what to expect and have the power to create options where it may seem there are none.

The first thing I want to know is how you’re doing. From there, we’ll address your questions, concerns, and frustrations so that you can move forward with a clear mind. If you need medical help, I have several providers I can suggest to you. Leave the legalities to me — your only concern now is healing.

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