Brain Injury

A brain injury strikes at the very essence of whom a person is. Your brain doesn’t just control your physical functions, it determines your temperament, your memory and your personality. A brain injury can interfere with and interrupt all of those elements.

Traumatic brain injuries occur every day when a person’s brain is subjected to forces it was never intended to endure. Brain injuries can occur when the skull is fractured, leaving the brain unprotected. Brain injuries can also occur without an injury to the bones of the skull. This occurs when the brain moves within and “sloshes” against the inside the skull. Such brain injuries are particularly troubling because there is no outward indication of harm.

Brain injuries can impact every area of life. Mild brain injuries can cause headaches, blurred vision and memory loss. More severe brain injuries can result in the loss of physical functions, loss of language ability, memory problems and personality changes.

Brain injuries can be very taxing on family members and relationships. The brain injury victim often seems to be a different person. The inability to recall events and conversations creates stress. Being unable to find the right word or effectively communicate damages the family structure. The impact of a brain injury affects everyone close to the injured person.

Aaron Woods of Woods Law KC has been representing brain injury victims and their families for over twenty years. He is familiar with the methods and tests necessary to diagnose and prove the existence of a brain injury, including the CT scans and MRIs most are familiar with and less commonly known processes like PET and SPECT scans and neuropsychological examinations. His experience enables him to correlate the results of various procedures to effectively communicate the reality of the injury. Aaron’s experience has also equipped him to help family members navigate the maze of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the emotional minefields that accompany brain injuries.

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