The Benefits of a Settlement in a Personal Injury Case

If you’re a fan of legal dramas, you may think all trials end with someone breaking down on the stand. However, real courtroom interaction is much more mundane.


Don’t let what you see on TV keep you from contacting a personal injury attorney. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills if you were injured at no fault of your own.


Also, it’s important that you realize that many personal injury cases are settled without going to trial. A settlement agreement means the parties involved resolved their dispute outside of court– perhaps during mediation or arbitration.


However, is taking the settlement a good idea?


Of course, ask your attorney for advice on whether the settlement is a good idea. Here are some benefits of taking the settlement in a personal injury case.

You can avoid a stressful trial.

Going through a trial can be stressful. After all, sometimes, people must reveal personal information during a trial that may make them uncomfortable. So one of the major advantages of settling a case is knowing that you won’t have to have a stressful courtroom experience.

However, most settlement offers are off the table as soon as the trial begins, so keep this in mind as you decide.

You won’t have to wait for your money as long.

Your medical and household bills may already be piling up, which may cause you a lot of anxiety. However, you may get a check immediately if you settle your personal injury lawsuit. Also, settling means that you can save money on legal fees and court costs.

Both parties remain in control of the case’s outcome.

If you file a lawsuit, the court decides who is liable, how much compensation they are responsible for paying, and how they will deliver it. However, a settlement allows both parties to find the best solution and compensation.

Nobody can appeal the settlement.

Court cases can be appealed, which results in an even longer delay in receiving payment – in addition to having to go through another stressful courtroom experience.


However, the case is over once a settlement agreement is in place. You can’t ask for more money, and they can’t refuse to pay what is owed to you.

Your personal injury attorney can handle the negotiations and mediation.

Focusing on healing is harder when you have a court case hanging over your head. Your attorney will manage all the communication with the party’s insurance company during the negotiation process. You’ll only receive updates when needed, so you can put all your energy into feeling better.

Attorney Aaron Woods Is Your Best Choice for Your Personal Injury Case

Kansas City attorney Aaron Woods has decades of experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits. He and his team provide compassionate representation for all types of personal injury cases.


If you were injured in a car, motorcycle, or other vehicular accident – or were injured in a dangerous place, by a hazardous product, or by a harmful professional, contact Woods Law KC today.

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