Medical Negligence

Most medical providers in the United States are professional, caring and competent. Unfortunately, some of them are not. When you, or a family member, are injured by the negligence of a medical professional, the consequences can be devastating. Seeking a recovery for that injury can be a process that is difficult and filled with emotion.

What many people don’t understand is that Medical Negligence cases are rife with emotion. They are often as much about a breach of trust as they are about the actual injury. You trusted someone who claimed to be properly trained and have your best interests at heart, only to find out too late that he or she was negligent in your care.

Medical negligence cases are also very expensive to pursue, because medical experts must be hired to evaluate the circumstances to determine whether the doctor or hospital was negligent. If negligence is found, then those same experts must be compensated for their time reviewing records and testifying by way of deposition or at trial. Because of the expense involved, only the most serious medical malpractice cases are pursued. Despite what you may have heard, most cases of medical negligence are never pursued because the injuries suffered by the patient don’t have enough value to make it worth the investment of time and money required to obtain a recovery.

The statistics of medical negligence are staggering. Recent information published by a medical billing and coding company indicates the following:

  • One in five hospitalized patients suffer harm from medical errors
  • Death from a hospital error is 33,000 times more likely than death in a plane crash
  • 200,000 deaths occur each year in the United States because of medical errors and infections
  • In Europe, 1 in 122 hospital acquired infections lead to death, while in the United States it is 1 in 17
  • The United States ranked last out of 19 developed nations in preventable hospital deaths

As Kansas City medical negligence lawyers, when medical negligence harms you or a family member, Woods Law KC cares and is here to help. We understand the heartache and conflicted emotions that accompany pursuing a case against a medical professional. Woods Law KC is not afraid to bring a good case on behalf of good people against a bad doctor or medical institution. Aaron Woods has represented clients in claims against individual doctors, medical practices and hospitals.

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