Why Everyone Should Have Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage is sometimes referred to as “med pay” in the insurance industry. No matter what you call it, we at Woods Law KC recommend that you immediately add this to your auto insurance policy. Let’s discuss what med pay covers and why you should add it.

Med pay will help pay the medical expenses that incur as a result of an accident involving an automobile. This coverage is not dependent upon who caused the accident, and it covers both the driver and the passengers. It can also be used to pay for the medical expenses of a pedestrian who was struck by a car.

This optional coverage will help pay for any medical expenses, including health insurance deductibles and copays, medical visits, surgeries, x-rays, ambulance fees, prostheses, and professional nursing services. If you have ever spent time in a hospital for an emergency or routine treatment, you know how expensive these services can be.

If you worry about being financially devastated due to an accident, consider purchasing this optional insurance. Med pay is not available in every state, but it can be bought in both Missouri and Kansas.

If you face a pile of bills after being injured in a car accident, reach out to Woods Law KC. Aaron Wood has been working as an advocate for accident victims for decades, and he is a member of both the Missouri and Kansas Bar Associations. To schedule your free consultation, fill out this form, or call 816-398-7877.

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