What If One of My Passengers Were Injured in an Accident?

No one wants to be in an auto accident, but you may feel especially bad if one of your passengers were injured while you were behind the wheel. Besides feeling guilty for the injury, you may wonder who is responsible for the medical bills that resulted from the injuries. In addition, you might be afraid of being targeted for a lawsuit.


In general, the driver is responsible for their passengers. This means that it is up to you to make sure that each of your passengers is wearing a seatbelt (or sitting in an appropriate car seat) while you’re driving. It also means that drivers should act with reasonable care for the safety of their passengers.


But what if you are a careful, attentive driver and you still got into an accident? Are you legally responsible for your passenger’s injuries? Again, this depends on the type of accident and whether or not other vehicles were involved.


Woods Law KC offers Kansas City legal help for both drivers and passengers. We will sort through what is sometimes a complicated legal situation to help you determine whether or not you were responsible for an injury your passenger incurred while you were driving.


The staff of Woods Law KC is knowledgeable about driving laws on both sides of the state line. We know that the situation is sometimes complicated, and we will ask the right questions to make sure we fully understand the problem before we advise you on what to do.

Chat with one of our staff members for free to learn more about how Woods Law KC can support you during this difficult time.

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