Personal Injury: Christmas Decorating Safety



We know that some holiday decorators want to hang lights from every peak and tinsel from every bough. These are the same people who stroll the holiday aisles at Hobby Lobby in September, dreaming of the moment when it is socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas.


As you consider your holiday decorating theme and color scheme, we urge you also to think about the safety of others. Don’t put a damper on the holiday season by causing a decoration-based injury. Here are some tips to follow to make sure that others remain safe while admiring your decor.


Be aware of your lighting cords.

One of the most common decoration-based injuries is caused by someone tripping over an extension cord connecting a light display to an outlet. As you plan how to connect your holiday lights, avoid placing cords across walkways. Even cords that are secured to the ground can cause a person to trip.


Keep the tree from tipping.

Before you decorate your Christmas tree, make sure it is secure in its base. This protects not only your beloved ornaments, but it also saves your visitors from having a tree-full of glass ornaments fall on them.


Keep things safe for kids.

Even if you no longer have toddlers living in your home, you may have some visit throughout the holiday season. Think carefully before placing your holiday village on a tablecloth that can easily be grabbed by a curious kiddo.


Think of others when you decorate for the holidays. If you have any other questions about personal injury law, contact Woods Law KC 816-398-7877.


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