Motorcycle Safety Tips for All Drivers

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all to stay safe on the road. Whether you are a motorcyclist or driver, there are things you can do to prevent accidents and fatalities.

Recheck your blind spots.
When changing lanes, check your blind spots multiple times before merging. This is such an important safety tip that it’s worth repeating: look for motorcycles in your blind spots.
Motorcycles and small cars are hard to see, so before you change lanes or merge onto the highway from a ramp, make sure you are aware of other drivers on the road.

Use your turn signals.
Help motorcyclists by always using turn signals when you change lanes (or turn!) Even if you don’t think there’s anyone behind you, someone might be there. (Remember – motorcycles are hard to see in blind spots!) Giving a motorcycle rider a head’s up that you intend to get in their lane will warn the rider of your intentions.

Don’t tailgate.
Give the motorcycle in front of you some space. Leaving additional room between you and the bike will give you the ability to avoid a collision if the motorcycle has to make a quick, unexpected turn.

Look for motorcycles when you are making a left turn.
One of the other most common accidents involving motorcycles occurs when vehicles turn left in front of an oncoming motorbike. Bikes can be difficult to see, especially if you are driving into the sun or concerned about the traffic-stopping behind you. Use your turn signal and be extremely vigilant.

Be aware of the weather conditions.
Newly wet roads may be slippery, which means cars may not be able to stop quickly, and motorcyclists may skid. So slow down if it’s raining and exercise caution.

Quit looking at your phone.
Of course, this message is mainly for car drivers. That quick text that you read from your spouse asking that you stop at the grocery store for soy sauce may cause you to be a part of a fatal accident. Think about that the next time you are tempted to text and drive.

Don’t drink and drive.
We are all looking forward to nights on a patio with friends. Unfortunately, while car riders can easily make arrangements for at least one person in their party to stay sober, this task is a bit more difficult for motorcycle riders.

Wear a helmet.
Whether you are required to wear a helmet or not, wear one. Think of all the people who depend on you. Do what you can to keep your brain safe.

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We are sharing these safety tips because we want to remind everyone to stay safe during motorcycle season. However, accidents do happen. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and need the help of an attorney, reach out to attorney Aaron Woods at Woods Law KC.

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