Can your rates be raised for an accident that isn't your fault?

Your rates can’t be raised for an accident that isn’t your fault


No one likes to be involved in any sort of car accident – especially if injuries are involved. Besides the physical and emotional tolls that can result from a car accident, being in an accident can also be financially devastating.


In Missouri, one critical question that follows an accident is, “who was at fault?”


Finding the driver at fault is not always a cut-and-dried process. This is especially true if both parties have a hand in the accident.


While determining fault may be difficult, it is important. This is because Missouri works under a pure comparative fault system, which means that a percentage of responsibility will be assigned to each party of an accident. Thus, each driver is liable and legally responsible for a certain percentage of the resulting damages or injuries based on the ratio. (And the cost of injuries isn’t just a person’s medical bills. Those costs can also include a person’s lost wages.)


While this system’s goal is to be fair, it makes things a bit more complicated. This means that it’s essential to have the crash investigated immediately while evidence (and witnesses) are still available.


It also means that it’s essential to have someone looking after your best interests.


If you were recently involved in a car accident, consult with the staff of Woods Law KC. You need to have someone in your corner when blame for the accident is assigned.


Attorney Aaron Woods of Woods Law KC has been serving the people of Missouri and Kansas for decades. He and his staff have the experience you need to get the best possible outcome.

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