Your Rates Can’t Be Raised for an Accident That Isn’t Your Fault

First, the good news: Under the Missouri Insurance Regulatory Committee regulations, a Missouri motorist’s insurance rates can not go up based on an accident that was not that driver’s fault. This information should bring comfort to Missouri drivers and encourage them to follow the proper protocol when involved in a car crash at no fault of their own.


But brace yourself for the bad news. The most important determining factor in this matter is determining which motorist was at fault. Unfortunately, this determination of responsibility is not always a cut and dried process. Sometimes the fault is established in the courtroom.


Consider the following scenarios:

  • Even if your car is struck by another vehicle, you may be considered at fault. This is especially true if the court determines that striking your car was unavoidable.


  • If you swerve to avoid hitting someone else and end up striking another vehicle, you may be determined to be at fault.


Since the determination of fault is not always black and white, it is essential to have someone with legal experience look after your best interests. Even if you are assigned a percentage of fault, your monthly car insurance premiums may increase.


Contact Woods Law KC in Lee’s Summit for help with your case. Aaron Woods is a personal injury attorney who also has experience working with auto insurance companies. He was born and raised in the Show-Me State and has been looking after his client’s interests for more than 30 years.


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