What To Do If You Suffer A Concussion As A Result Of A Car Accident

Having a car accident is often a traumatic experience, and it is made much worse if you receive a traumatic brain injury as a result of it.

If you received a concussion as a result of an accident, make sure you visit a medical professional. Do not self-diagnose as having a concussion and follow the protocol that you read online. Your self-diagnosed concussion could be much more severe than you think.

If a doctor diagnoses you with a concussion, follow his or her directions so you can recuperate quickly. Here are some standard instructions that your doctor may insist you follow.


Your doctor will instruct you to sleep as much as you can after being diagnosed with a concussion. He or she may assign a family member with the task of waking you periodically. Sleep is the most restorative way to reduce the symptoms of a concussion.

Stay away from screens and bright lights

You cannot recover from a concussion by binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. In fact, you should turn off your cell phone and stay away from all electronic devices. Turn off the bright lights in your home and draw the curtains.

Drink water and eat light

You must drink plenty of water when you are recovering from a concussion. Avoid caffeine. Eat a light, nutritious diet.

It’s also crucial that you have someone working on your behalf if you received a concussion as a result of an accident. Reach out to Woods Law for a free consultation.

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