What To Do After a Car Accident

There were 866 fatalities caused by car crashes last year in Missouri. This sobering statistic will hopefully remind you of how important it is to follow safety procedures when driving a car in Missouri and Kansas.

But accidents happen. What do you do following a car accident? Here are some steps to consider that take your personal safety and legal vulnerability into account.


    1. Immediately after having an accident, your priority should be assessing the well-being of the people involved. If you can tell quickly that medical attention is needed, your first call should be to 911. Keep in mind that some medical emergencies may take time to uncover.


    1. After an accident, you also need to assess your safety within the scene of the accident. Turn on your hazards and use flashlights to direct traffic away from the site of the accident. Simultaneously, call the police to the scene to make a report.


    1. Even though you may have been brought up to be apologetic when something terrible happens, offering a verbal apology may be used against you in court. Once the police arrive, they will gather the necessary details from the other people involved in the accident. There’s no reason to have a conversation with the other party.


    1. Instead of talking with the other individuals involved, use your time to take photos of the scene. Be aware of your personal safety during this time.


    1. If someone asks you whether or not you are injured, say, “I don’t know.” Many times people are in shock after an accident, and they may not be able to make an accurate assessment of your health and well being.


    1. Contact an accident attorney in Kansas City. The other party’s insurance company has a staff of attornies working for them, protecting the interest of the company. Make sure you have someone looking after your best interests after an accident.


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