What Constitutes a Premise Liability Claim?

A premise liability claim occurs when an individual is injured on another party’s property. This property can be a business, residence, or government property.


Property owners have the responsibility of keeping their buildings and surrounding property reasonably safe for visitors. They can be found responsible for injuries if it can be proven that they knew about the potentially hazardous condition and failed to warn others about the hazard.


What are some examples of accidents that commonly result in premise liability claims?


  • Slips and falls caused by wet or slippery floors or sidewalks
  • Falls due to obstacles in the walkways or uneven surfaces
  • Falling merchandise landing on customers
  • Pinched or smashed fingers caused by faulty doors or hinges
  • Assaults caused by a lack of security on the premises
  • Poisoning caused by improperly prepared food or beverages
  • Exposure to harmful substances


These injuries may occur at a variety of places, from a nightclub to a grocery store. They may also occur in a government building or an individual residence.


Filing a claim against one of these businesses or individuals may be intimidating and difficult. Often times claims are not pursued because the victim feels like it may be too much of a hassle or take too much time or money.


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