Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

Each year, we encounter cases involving motorcycle riders being seriously injured following a crash with other vehicles. These accidents occur during good and bad weather. They also happen within the KC Metro area and outside of the city.

Because even one death caused by a motorcycle accident is too many, we would like to offer these safety tips for a new riders (and those more experienced.)

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

We care passionately about rider safety, which is why this is a frequent topic for our blog. So here are some safety reminders as the summer riding season goes into high gear.

Please wear a helmet.

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important article of clothing you will put on before your ride. Of course, all safety gear is important, but your full-face helmet protects the most critical part of your body – your beautiful brain.

Wear other protective gear.

Of course, a helmet with a face shield is only one part of your motorcycle gear that is encouraged by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Also, take care selecting motorcycle boots, gloves, and shin guards. The right gear may be the difference between a bad day and a life-changing day.

Pay attention to the weather forecast.

Of course, a motorcycle crash can occur on bright, sunny days. However, avoid riding in rain and high winds. A prudent motorcycle rider will check the weather report if they know they will be gone all day.

Make sure your vehicle is functioning correctly.

Every driver should check their brake lights, tire pressure, and turn signals in an effort to stay safe on the road. However, a broken taillight may be more dangerous when riding a motorcycle than driving a car with one. 

Pay attention to how you are feeling.

Drink plenty of water when driving in hot weather. You might experience heat exhaustion if you don’t stop to take a break periodically – especially when riding in mid-afternoon on a summer day.

Also, driving when you are sleepy leads to distracted driving. When your mind isn’t on the road, you won’t take the necessary precautions for a safe ride.

Watch out for other drivers.

Of course, other drivers SHOULD watch out for you, but you are the one who will suffer a severe injury after a collision. So perhaps the number one rule for riding safely is to avoid other drivers’ blind spots and take care when changing lanes.

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