Most Common Product Liability Claims

At Woods Law KC, we have a lot of experience helping our clients with product liability claims.


The law requires that products meet the ordinary expectations of the user. When a consumer is injured while using a product, a product liability claim can be filed against both the manufacturer and seller.


While you have probably heard of these claims, it is essential to realize that there is no federal product liability law. That’s why working with an experienced, local attorney is vital if you need to file one of these claims.


There are three main types of product liability claims that we see in our office.


Product Labeling Liability Claims

In this type of claim, the manufacturer knows of an inherent danger of using a product but does not provide an appropriate label or warning on the item. Of course, manufacturers are not expected to warn consumers of everything that could go wrong when using the product, but only risks that are generally recognized.


Manufacturing Defect Liability Claims

If you become injured using a defective product, contact Woods Law KC about filing a product liability claim. An example of this type of claim could be faulty tires.


Design Defect Liability Claim

Perhaps the product was manufactured correctly, but the design of the item was unsafe. Woods Law KC will help you determine if you have a rightful claim against a company for producing a dangerous product.


Aaron Woods is a personal injury attorney in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He would be happy to help you with your product liability claim. Contact his office today at 816-398-7877.

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