Life After COVID-19

No one can deny that COVID-19 altered the way Kansas Citians lived during the spring of 2020. Even if you or your family members never contracted the virus, your daily life was affected by its mere existence.
You may have lost your job. Some industries were hit hard by COVID-19, and we aren’t sure how long it will take before some of those businesses recover.


Others, while not suffering the loss of a job or a loved one, may have felt anxiety and stress from not being able to make long-term plans.


Still, others were disappointed by not being able to celebrate graduations, birthdays, and weddings planned for the spring of 2020.

But we at Woods Law KC would like to remind you of three things:


    1. Although pandemics and stay-at-home orders are new to us, they are not new. Past generations have also suffered when diseases have spread across the world. The Spanish flu, the Asian flu, polio, H1N1, and the Zika Virus and Ebola are some to name a few.


    1. Those members of previous generations learned how to adapt and live with the fear of disease. They wore masks while in public and took care to follow proper hygiene techniques.


  1. Life eventually returned to normal for these past generations, and life will return to normal for us as well.

In the meantime, know that we at Woods Law KC will be available to answer any of your personal injury law questions that you may have. We are happy to discuss your legal issues over the phone or via a Facetime call.

Keep thinking positive thoughts, Kansas City! Stay home and stay safe!

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