How to Travel This Holiday Season Safely

Most years, the worst you have to worry about when traveling for the holidays is being prepared for lousy weather and your aunt’s fruitcake. The holiday season of 2020 has brought additional concerns about driving to Grandma’s. In fact, health experts have advised us to simply stay home.


If travel cannot be avoided, here are some tips for doing it safely.


  • Traveling by car is the safest way to travel because it allows you to avoid contact and shared air with others.


  • If you are traveling a distance, it’s best to start early and drive late — if the weather allows. Having to stop at a hotel for the night will increase the likelihood of contracting the virus.


  • When you do have to stop for gas, hand sanitizer is your best friend. Make sure you use it after touching the gas pumps.


  • Stopping to use the restroom is unavoidable. When you do so, maintain a lot of distance and wear a mask and face shield.


What happens if you have a car accident during your 2020 holiday travel?


Here are some tips on how to stay safe from the coronavirus while you get  necessary information from the driver of the other vehicle.


  • Keep your distance. If you feel as if someone has been injured during the course of the accident, call 911.


  • If no one seems injured, text all of the required information and photos of documents to the other driver. Keep your distance when obtaining the number.


If you are injured in an accident in the Kansas City area, reach out to Woods Law KC to schedule a no-contact consultation.

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