How to Prepare for an Initial Consultation with a Lawyer in an Injury Case

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Whether you come to us for help with your injury case or another lawyer in the area, here are some tips to make your time with the attorney as efficient as possible. Here’s how to prepare for your initial consultation.


Gather the following medical information:


  • Documents you received from your doctor explaining the diagnosis and treatment of your injury.


  • Documents explaining any future treatment that you’ll need as a result of your injury.


  • Name and address of the ambulance service you used after the accident.


  • Name and address of the hospital where you first received treatment.


  • Dates of the accident and your hospital stay.


  • List of the prescriptions that you take as a result of the accident. 


Gather the following billing and insurance information:

  • Bills you have received from doctors, hospitals, physical therapists, ambulance companies, chiropractors, etc. 


  • Paperwork explaining your health insurance coverage.


  • Paperwork explaining your auto insurance coverage (if the accident was a result of an automobile injury.)


  • Any information you have regarding the other party’s insurance.


Include your financial information:

  • Documentation of any lost work or income as a result of the injury.


  • Dates that you missed work as a result of the injury.


  • Copies of W-2s


Finally, bring police reports, accident reports, and any photographs of the accident scene or your injuries.

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