Common Legal Myths

Courtroom dramas on TV may be entertaining to watch, but they do little to advance the average person’s understanding of the legal system. Actually, we shouldn’t even blame the entertainment industry. There are a lot of legal myths that come from unknown origins. 

Here are a few that we have uncovered.


  1. I can deal with the insurance company on my own.

Insurance companies are for-profit industries. This means that they hire attorneys to protect their own interests – not yours. 

No matter how helpful or friendly your insurance representative is, you need to hire representation to ensure someone is looking after your best interests.


  1. I can’t afford to hire an attorney.

Some of our clients who reach out to us are in pretty desperate situations. Some haven’t been able to work for weeks or months. 

You need to understand that most attorneys go into the profession because they want to help people. They study the law so that they can fight for justice for everyone. As a result, most law firms offer free initial consultations and are happy to listen to your story and offer advice.


  1. I don’t want to hire an attorney because I don’t want to go to court.

When you think of a courtroom, you might think of dramatic scenes from movies where a savvy lawyer harasses a person into admitting guilt. But, on the contrary, most cases never go to trial, and they are settled over a Zoom call. 


Do you need some legal advice in the Kansas City area, but you aren’t sure who to call? Reach out to the staff of Woods Law KC. You’ll be relieved to see that our staff is nothing like the lawyers portrayed on TV. We are ready to listen and help you with your problem.

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