What is Premises Liability?

Simply put, premises liability often comes to play in personal injury cases when a person was hurt from an unsafe or defective condition on someone’s property.


Not surprisingly, this is a complex legal issue because to win a premises liability case, it must be proven that the property owner was negligent. An unsafe property does not automatically mean that the owner was negligent. A negligent property owner was aware of a hazardous condition and failed to take the proper steps to remedy the situation.


If you or a loved one were hurt or injured and think that the property owner could have been at fault, contact Woods Law KC. Attorney Aaron Woods and his staff specialize in personal injury cases in Kansas City.


According to online legal source NOLO, some personal injury cases that may have a premises liability component include:

  • slip and fall cases
  • accidents involving snow and ice
  • inadequate maintenance of the premises
  • inadequate building security leading to injury or assault
  • elevator and escalator accidents
  • dog bites
  • swimming pool accidents
  • amusement park accidents
  • fires
  • water leaks or flooding, and
  • toxic fumes or chemicals.

Premises liability claims may be an essential part of your personal injury lawsuit. Schedule a consultation with the staff of Woods Law KC by calling 816-398-7877 or chat with an advisor on the company website.


Attorney Aaron Law has been serving the Kansas City community (both Missouri and Kansas) for decades. He and his staff are ready to listen to your story and go to bat for you.

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